Sunday, September 16, 2012


Low point: Watching a VHS of a naked 250 pound woman giving birth from her hairy vajay for the first time in high school. ZOOMED IN.

Lower Point: Screaming and falling onto the floor in front of the whole class when you see a HEAD suddenly FLY out of a woman's vajay.

Fail level: 6

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding Gifts

Low point:

Buying 5 boxes of condoms and various lubricants from Walmart, at 1 in the morning, as a wedding gift for a friend.

Lower point:

The cashier tells you, "I would say enjoy your purchase, but this one goes without saying..."

Fail level: 9

Kissing tag

Low point: When you are playing kissing tag as an adult 

Lower point: When you realize you were laughing so hard when chasing a boy around the room, you blew a snot bubble on his face.

Fail level: 9


Low point: When your friend tricks you into watching 'Brokeback Mountain' by telling you its PG-13.

Lower point: When you find out she lied during the love-making scene.

Fail level: 8


Low point: When your ex fiance gets engaged  to someone new before you do.

Lower point: When the same ex fiance gives YOUR ring to the 'someone new'.

Fail level: 10